Heat Treatment Specialist

Heat Treatment Specialist Joins USINDT

USINDT is pleased to announce the addition of heat treatment specialist Dave Ramcharan. His expertise as a heat treatment specialist includes work on a wide range of projects throughout the continental United States and eight countries internationally.

He’s certified to Level Ill in Thermal Processing Technology [Heat Treatment], with expertise in 13 different industrial sectors. Serving as National Environmental Health and Safety Manager and Heat Treatment Engineer for USINDT, Dave is building on decades of experience in management and operational oversight of numerous processes as a heat treatment specialist. He’s also overseen engineering procurement construction projects and environmental health and safety procedures across the United States.

Heat Treatment Specialist

The Houston resident holds a bachelor of science degree, with a double major in manufacturing and industrial engineering, and has been credited by Occupational Safety & Health Administration [OSHA] with four double certifications as a Certified Safety and Health Official, a Specialist in Safety and Health, Public Sector Safety & Health Fundamentals, and as an OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainer in General, Construction, and Public Sector Industries. Dave is the consummate professional with broad international experience in the oil and gas, industrial, nuclear, manufacturing, petrochemical, new construction, and power-generation industries.

As a heat treatment specialist, he joins a Houston-based USINDT team that conducts on-site services including preheat, post-weld heat treatment and other metallurgical applications on piping and pressure vessel components, heat exchangers, tank heads, steel & metal fabrication, single-pipe welds, flanges, and other processes and procedures.
Dave has previously served as National Operations Manager, Thermal Operational Excellence Manager, Heat Treatment Engineer, and Environmental Health and Safety Consultant for two of the world’s largest Fortune 100 engineering procurement construction companies across the U.S east coast, west coast, gulf coast, and midwest regions. He boasts a proven track-record in leading, motivating, training and managing, cross-functional, cross-regional, diverse teams of various cultural backgrounds across a broad spectrum of industries, including oil and gas, industrial, nuclear, manufacturing, petrochemical, power-plant, pulp & paper mills, steel-mills, fabrication and new construction.
We are happy to acknowledge Dave Ramcharan’s contributions, and accomplishments as a heat treatment specialist, and are thrilled to welcome him to our organization!

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