Aviation Inspection & NDT

 Aviation Inspection & NDT

Fatigue cracks and corrosion are constant threats for the aviation and aerospace industry. These complications can lead to much larger issues that can put passengers and crew in danger. Aviation inspection & NDT services provide a key layer of defense by detecting even the smallest imperfections or damage in materials and components.

Inspection and Nondestructive Testing for the Aviation Industry

NDT is one of the most effective tools in preventing problems in aviation and aerospace applications.  Aviation inspection & NDT services can be performed throughout the working life cycle of an aircraft without affecting the integrity of the item or component being tested.

U.S. Inspection & NDT’s highly-skilled technicians use the latest technology to identify defects in structural and surface components on aircraft that may otherwise go undetected. The use of component-specific NDT methods to discover hidden internal and external flaws while inspecting aircraft structure is critical to the safety of the vehicle and the passengers and crew aboard.

Our precision aviation inspection & NDT techniques can detect a variety of defects, such as:

We employ a variety of methods, depending on the component being tested. These include liquid penetrants, magnetic particles, X-ray and ultrasonic waves.

When Should Aviation Inspection & NDT be Used?

NDT can be used from the development phases of materials, during construction and throughout the lifetime of an aircraft.

If you’re preparing to build a new aircraft, our tests can help you determine if a material is suitable for use. During the manufacturing process, we can ensure that all materials and joinings meet performance and durability standards. Once the craft is in service, NDT can be used as a regular maintenance tool to detect and correct any potential structural or component problems before they occur.

Aviation Inspection & NDT Services

Safety is the top priority in the aviation and aerospace industry. Our team of experts can help you create a complete aviation inspection & NDT plan that covers the full life of your aircraft, from development through the end of its working life. We will ensure that your fleet stays in service and meets all safety and regulatory requirements. Contact us today to discuss your needs.