manufacturing inspection and ndt

Manufacturing Inspection and NDT

power generation inspection and NDT

Manufacturing Inspection and NDT

NDT may be applied at any stage of manufacturing or a component’s life cycle. Raw products, including castings, forgings, and extrusions, may be inspected after they are produced; after they’ve received secondary processing, such as machining, welding, heat treating, grinding, plating, or assembly; or after they have been in service. NDT requirements may also be conveyed on a blueprint, and the symbols used for inspection guidance also generally follow a consensus standard

NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) allows manufacturers to examine and ensure the integrity of structures and machine components without compromising those objects. Regular manufacturing inspection and NDT minimizes the amount of downtime for inspection, and also prevents larger issues before they occur.

USINDT employs a number of non-destructive inspection and testing methods that can detect flaws and problems that are not readily apparent in simple visual inspection. Techniques such as radiographic  testing, magnetic particle testing, liquid penetrant testing or ultrasonic testing can assist with plant or product maintenance. When properly done, NDT inspection improves quality control, makes the workplace safer and keeps things running as they should, saving time and money.

Our methods can provide real-time data about the condition of equipment so that you can make informed and quick decisions to minimize the impact on your business. Manufacturing inspection and NDT is a critical component to maintain compliance with safety guidelines and regulations.

We provide non-invasive detection of a variety of potential issues and irregularities, including:

  • Surface flaws.
  • Thickness changes in metal pipe and plate.
  • The effects and extent of any corrosion, friction or wear.
  • Information on any potential areas of stress and strain.
  • Detection of weld imperfections.

Safety First

Our team members and technicians are highly trained and are committed to all safety regulations in the manufacturing industry. We take great responsibility in protecting our employees’ health, safety & the environment. Nothing is more important than the lives and health of our employees and our customers. USINDT maintains the highest level of safety throughout the manufacturing inspection and NDT process. We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction and expectations, providing quality service and saving our customers time and money.

Need Manufacturing Inspection and NDT?

If you’re ready to maximize your uptime and ensure the safe and reliable operation of your facilities, we are available to help with a full inspection and testing program to meet your needs. Our experienced and certified inspectors are ready to help you keep things running efficiently and avoid costly downtime. Contact us today to discuss your project and NDT needs.