Radiographic Testing

Radiographic Testing (RT)


The naked eye can only observe so much. That's why our clients rely on USINDT's radiographic testing (RT) to find problems that could be missed otherwise.

Radiographic testing is a nondestructive testing method that employs isotopes or x-ray to find problem areas with equipment. To get a better look, x-rays are passed through a component for closer examination. This makes RT a great solution for monitoring welds, piping, forgings, casts, pressure vessels and valves and helps to find trouble spots in new or aging structures. These tests will also help us check for wall thickness and weak spots so we can help you to catch problems early.

Radiographic Testing Results

We do not have to do a lot to prepare surfaces for testing. RT is great because the test records last forever. We can put results on film and make a computerized copy so you can store and review later. Some of the major advantages of radiographic testing are:

  • Highly reproducible
  • Requires minimal surface area for preparation
  • Ability to perform on a variety of different materials

We aim to meet every client challenge. We have onsite darkrooms and offsite laboratories, offering a variety of radiographic testing solutions for a wide range of facilities and equipment. Our testing bays are portable, so we can work in different types of areas at any time of the day. We help you to keep your business running.

Safety Is Our Highest Priority

Every member of our team, including our Level II and Level III radiographic staff, are trained and properly prepared to adhere to all safely regulations. We work to protect to staff and keep others in the area away from danger. We also use alarm systems to alert those working in hazardous areas. It is important to us to make sure that everyone is safe.

 We not only work safely, but also efficiently to save time and money. This should make USINDT your best choice for your radiographic testing needs.