clays for the cause

Clays For The Cause

Community involvement is part of our core values and beliefs at U.S. Inspection & NDT. This June we participated in the Williams United Way Clays For The Cause - an annual sporting clay shoot held in Middlebury Center, Pennsylvania. We had a great time supporting a worthy cause with the hospitable owners of Thunder Ridge Sporting Clays & Game Farm and the great people at Williams who sponsor the annual event.

Aiming for Excellence

Each of our team members plays a critical role in the development and growth of our company. What an honor to spend time and shoot with professional shotgun shooting coach and Olympic clay shooter Brad Kidd, Jr.

A big take away with our time with Brad was how his philosophy on shooting translates into our services -  "The important part of the game is vision. From the moment the target comes out, through pulling the trigger, we must remain visually connected to the target. Really looking at the target in detail is crucial. See the target through the trigger pull and the recoil of the shot. Follow all the way through the shot with the eyes, see the target break. Always keep your eyes on the target."

Brad Kidd, Jr. shares a few tips with USINDT General Manager William "Billy" Schneider.

Serving our clients

USINDT provides energy infrastructure clients like Williams with inspection and non-destructive testing services for every aspect of the gas pipeline & processing sector. Our oil & gas inspection and NDT services cover pipelines and infrastructures that span the United States.

Clays for the cause

Pictured from left to right: Brad Kidd, Jr., William "Billy" Schneider, Tony Griffore, and Bob Hart.

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