Quality Management Services

Quality Management Services (QA/QC)

Quality Management Services

U.S. Inspection & NDT combines Quality Assurance and Quality Control services to provide clients with an overall Quality Management solution that ensures compliance with quality, environmental and health/safety specifications throughout all stages of your project.

What are QA and QC?

Though sometimes used interchangeably, Quality Assurance and Quality Control are two distinct and necessary parts of an overall Quality Management Services system.

Quality Assurance focuses on processes and planning before the work begins. We will implement a proactive system at the beginning of the project to ensure that the results fulfill all of your quality requirements, as well as those of any regulatory or other parties.

Quality Control focuses on the end result. We will make sure that all standards are met and that any potential issues are identified and corrected as quickly as possible.

By combining these aspects, we can support clients from start to finish on a project by helping validate internal operations and procedures, as well as supporting the development, initiation and revision of a Project Quality Manual.

Quality from Start to Finish

Quality Management Services concentrate on three main areas to ensure that quality, scheduling and cost requirements are met in all stages of a project.

  • Project

    We help you get started on the right foot by developing a quality manual and quality plan to outline procedures and workflows. These are vital documents which contain your quality statement, policies, standard operating procedures, work instructions, flowcharts, audit schedules and data packages.

  • Procurement

    We visit client facilities to confirm that materials and procedures are in compliance with required codes and that the approved quality plan is being followed.

  • Construction

    During the build, our inspectors audit the work for compliance in the areas of construction management, supervision and engineering. We will keep you up-to-date on the progress of the plan through reports on these inspections.

Need Help with Your Quality Management Services?

Starting a new project? Our team of experts can help you create a complete Quality Management Services plan that will ensure that you get the results you want and that the work meets all environmental, health, safety and other regulatory requirements. Contact us today to discuss your project and needs.